Edson Leather Shackle Pulls

Edson Leather Shackle Pulls

Edson Marine

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Leather Shackle Pulls

When hands are cold, tired and wet, sometimes they need a little assistance with stubborn snap shackles and sticky zippers. Edson’s custom-cut “whale tail” Dove Gray Leather Shackle Pulls are durable and the “whale tail” prevents them from coming undone. Attach them to anything you need to get your hands on quickly. Snap shackles and blocks, zippers on your foul weather gear, luggage zippers, cushion zippers, quick-release pins - you name it and you will wonder how you got this far without them. Sold in Packages of 10.

Manufacturer : EDSON MARINE
Manufacturer Part No : 1404-5
UPC : 796744017571