Barton Marine Laser Replica Mast Base Assembly f-Laser Dinghy

Barton Marine Laser Replica Mast Base Assembly f-Laser Dinghy

Barton Marine

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Laser Replica Mast Base Assembly f/Laser Dinghy

Comprises two size 0 fixed eye blocks built into the stainless steel mount for added security and no risk of twisting.


  • Stainless steel mast base plate with two loops
  • 00 110 Series 0 blocks x 2

Fitting Instructions:

Place the mast base plate along the centerline of the boat behind the mast slot so that the loops are aligned fore and aft. Measure 24mm from the back of the mast slot along the centerline and draw a position line at right angles.

Introduce the mast base plate, centre, then mark the two fixing holes. Drill two 4mm pilot holes, put sealant in the screw holes then affix with 5mm self tapping screws (not provided). On very old Lasers, you can use the original screw holes where the bullseye attaches.

Distance from back of mast slot to centerline of mast base plate fixing screws - 24mm

Barton fittings are high quality replacements that perform the same function as the original part. They should not be confused with official parts bearing the Laser® registered trademark. They cannot be used if you are sailing at an Association event. However, they are perfect for social sailing, sailing schools, club sailing or training. Laser® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited and currently licensed for use in Europe to Laser Performance (Europe) Limited.

Barton Marine Equipment Limited is fully independent of both Laser Performance (Europe) Limited and Velum Limited.

Manufacturer : BARTON MARINE
Manufacturer Part No : 98 077
UPC : 5035088980772