Armor-Sil R/G Silicone Propelller Coating

Armor-Sil R/G Silicone Propelller Coating


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Protect your propeller and underwater running gear from fouling AND increase your speed with Armor-Sil silicone-based anti-foul coating made by SeaCoat.

Armor-Sil® R/G is the most effective and longest lasting running gear protection technology available globally. Increasing and maintaining peak propeller performance and durability for years is key for all types of vessels including all pleasure craft and large commercial ships.

SeaCoat Sea Speed hull coatings have an excellent service record in commercial, military and pleasure craft applications since 2001. Armor-Sil® R/G is a silane – siloxane nano coating that cures to an extremely hard glass smooth finish creating a non-stick surface. 

*Price is per kit which are approximately 1 US quart.